RuReality Youth Exchange Project Report

Jul 1, 2022  •  5 min read

RuReality Youth Exchange Project Results

Reviving Rural Areas Through Social Entrepreneurship

Topics of the “RuReality” project were sustainable entrepreneurship and rural development.

The main idea that we wanted to convey was encouraging youngsters to repopulate rural areas by creating a sustainable business, cooperating with the territory and other enterprises, and participating actively in social and political life.

We created ideas and considerations on it with the youngsters involved to see how this could be achievable, therefore stimulating them to develop entrepreneurial ideas following this approach;

Objective 1: Providing young people with tools to create a social and sustainable enterprise.

Objective 2: Arousing entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas.

Objective 3: Learning how a cooperative works and interact with the territory.

Objective 4: Bringing awareness to the potential of rural areas.

Objective 5: Sharing good practices.

Objective 6: Opening up a dialogue regarding the depopulation of rural areas and fostering dialogue between urban and rural areas.

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