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International Labour Association (ILA) is an NGO that provides mechanisms to facilitate knowledge and experience transfer among sectors and countries and carries out national and international training, research and consultancy projects on ICT, employment, entrepreneurship, vocational qualification, migration, volunteering, youth work and labour relations.

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To support youth’s personal and social development, to promote their active participation in all spheres of social life, to increase the quality of youth work.
To increase public awareness and support for volunteering, improve the fundamental rights and conditions of the volunteers, develop the capacity of voluntary organizations, and promote volunteering.
To increase employment and quality of employment, to strengthen the employment and education relationship, to ensure security and flexibility within the labour market, to increase the employment of groups that require special policies (women, elders, immigrants, refugees, minorities, ex-convicts, disabled, etc.), to strengthen the employment and social protection relations and combating child labour.
To encourage entrepreneurship, promote the participation of individuals who have the entrepreneurial spirit in economic life, improve the efficiency of SMEs, increase their competitiveness, and ensure their integration with the industry.
To contribute to the policies and strategies about cooperatives in collaboration with parent organizations, conduct supporting incentive studies for the development of cooperative ventures in new areas, and ensure utilization of individual savings into the economy through appropriate cooperative entrepreneurship models.
To inform the parties on issues such as social security, occupational health and safety, labour relations, productivity, labour market studies, ergonomics, environment and first aid.