Youth Exchange Project “Art of Upcycling” Held in Manisa, Turkey

Youth Exchange Project "Art of Upcycling" Held in Manisa, Turkey

Youth Exchange Project “Art of Upcycling” Held in Manisa, Turkey

The “Art of Upcycling” project, a significant initiative aimed at increasing awareness about reducing consumption and waste generation among European youth, successfully concluded its youth exchange program held from June 20 to 26, 2024, in Manisa, Turkey. Coordinated by the Tarzan Egitim Ve Gençlik Dernegi, this project was part of the Erasmus+ program and included partners from several European countries: Sdruzhenie Walk Together (Bulgaria), Asociacija “tavo Europa” (Lithuania), ILA (Netherlands), Asociatia Tinerilor Cu Initiativa Civica (Romania), and Miejska Strefa Kultury W Łodzi (Poland).

Impact and Objectives:
The project aimed to inform young people and youth workers about the upcycling of various materials, including plastic, fabric, paper, glass, and organic materials. By promoting upcycling, the project sought to:
– Reduce waste by finding new uses for old items.
– Encourage savings by creating new products from unused items.
– Foster creativity by enabling participants to craft unique items.
– Enhance feelings of accomplishment and well-being through artistic endeavors.

Through these activities, the “Art of Upcycling” project contributed to the sustainability of Europe by equipping participants with practical skills and raising awareness about environmental issues.

Participants and Activities:
The event brought together 30 participants aged 18-30, along with six group leaders from the participating countries. The program included a variety of activities:
– Ice-breaking and team-building exercises.
– Workshops on upcycling different materials (plastic, glass, fabric, and paper).
– Presentations and group discussions on environmental topics.
– Cultural tours and ecological activities in nature.
– Expert meetings and interactive sessions on the Erasmus+ program.

Participants also enjoyed a cultural visit to Kuşadası Beach and the village of Şirince, enriching their experience with local heritage and natural beauty.

For More Information:
Further details about the “Art of Upcycling” project can be found on the website