“Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability” Training Course was launched in Palma, Spain on 19-25 August 2019

"Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability" Training Course was launched in Palma, Spain on 19-25 August 2019

The training aimed to create and develop regional/national recognition tools adjusted to the given country’s needs and local traditions, so its objectives were set as follows.
• Raise awareness on recognition tools of volunteers and youth workers
• Equip participants with concrete recognition tools
• Connect volunteering with employability skills
• Developing skills of giving constructive feedback and planning future actions
During the five days training program, validation mechanisms were reviewed by participants and targeted to different validation groups according to the local needs, such as recognition by governmental organizations, NGOs, employers, educational institutions, national agencies, volunteers.
The training course addressed certain NGO procedures on how to work with volunteers and how to involve them in volunteer activities. Participants worked on creating our main toolkit on voluntary youth work national recognition tools oriented on the employability skills of young people. The focus of this training course was to give practical knowledge and skills to participants and partner organizations about how to link voluntary work to the labour market and society cooperating with governmental organizations and civil society. Using current technological opportunities to recognize voluntary work and make it visible via social media. Participants used experiential learning, reflection, and self-directed learning methods.
Training Course was implemented as the 3rd activity of “Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability (VYRE)” Capacity Building Project. VYRE aims to increase recognition of voluntary youth work in society and among employers, to acknowledge and validate youth volunteering at the local, national level, develop volunteers’ competencies and link them to the labour market, make their work validated by their skills and knowledge gained as a part of non-formal learning in local projects. The project will bring in a united platform and dimension variety of stakeholders of voluntary youth work, including governmental agencies, public educational bodies, and civil society organizations. This cooperation will create process, environment, and outcomes, which will develop the capacities of all involved parties.
VYRE is coordinated by Social and Youth Workers (Armenia) in collaboration with

• НТУ “Дніпровська політехніка” – Dnipro University of Technology (Ukraine)
• LLC Umbrella (Georgia)
• Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Republic of Armenia (Armenia)
• Nordic European Mobility (Sweden)
• ILA (Netherlands)
• Escull Solidari (Spain)
• ECYC- European Confederation of Youth Clubs AISBL (Belgium)
• HORSEED (Norway)
• Kıprıakos Organismos Kentron Neotitas Koken LTD (Cyprus)
• Koinonikh Synetairistikh Epixeirhsh Koinonikhs Ofeleias Mentores (Greece)
• Nur Service (Armenia)