INT4FURN Project Meets Online to Evaluate the Project’s Progress

INT4FURN Project Meets Online to Evaluate the Project's Progress

The INT4FURN project consortium held a pivotal online evaluation meeting on 12 September, spotlighting their notable advancements in their mission to foster entrepreneurship and employment in the furniture sector. Specifically designed to uplift micro-SMEs and the youth, the project is breaking new ground by offering an internationalization training course.

The meeting began with the project coordinator’s cordial welcome and succinct introduction. The ensuing discussions revolved around several Work Packages (WPs), emphasizing both the progress and objectives ahead.

Under WP1, a comprehensive review of the action plan was undertaken. A spotlight was cast on quality management activities, with insights shared on the Interim/Progress Report. The National Advisory Board’s contributions were also acknowledged.

One of the key highlights was about the WP2 related to the development of an ECVET-compliant Internationalisation Curriculum tailor-made for micro-SMEs in the furniture industry. The culmination of this segment promised to put a well-researched, structured curriculum in place. The consortium discussed creating training content and materials, reflecting on the progress and setting clear directives for the subsequent stages.

WP4 addressed the creation of the Digital Internationalisation Learning Hub. The team discussed the development of online and mobile platforms, assuring seamless access to users across various devices. A noteworthy feature will be the instructive, engaging training videos equipped with subtitles, catering to a wider audience.

Lastly, WP5 shed light on the project’s outreach. The team reviewed ongoing dissemination activities and gave attendees a glimpse of the project website, which will be pivotal in ensuring the project’s sustainability and wide reach.

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