“Sustainable Youth” Training Course Successfully Concludes in Mersin, Turkey

"Sustainable Youth" Training Course Successfully Concludes in Mersin, Turkey

“Sustainable Youth” Training Course Successfully Concludes in Mersin, Turkey

MERSIN, TURKEY – The eagerly anticipated training course of the “Sustainable Youth” project came to a successful conclusion on 2nd September 2023 in Mersin, Turkey. Spanning six days from 28th August to 2nd September, the event saw a significant gathering of youth workers eager to expand their knowledge base in environmental literacy.

The core mission of the “Sustainable Youth” initiative is to bolster youth workers’ capacity in environmental literacy. It achieves this by integrating innovative pedagogical approaches that are both effective and engaging. The project has a particular focus on enhancing the skills of youth workers in various pivotal areas. These include Sustainable Cities and Communities, Circular Economy, Renewable Energy, Responsible Production and Consumption, and Climate Action.

This commitment to fostering a sustainable future is evident in the various topics covered during the training. Participants were provided with a comprehensive understanding of these subjects, crucial in today’s rapidly changing environmental landscape.

The project was orchestrated in collaboration with the Inovatif ve Girisimci Toplum Dernegi. It also saw partnerships with several esteemed organizations. These include ILA, Asociatia Share Education. Impartasim Educatie, Association De Développement Rural International Du Bas-ségala, Floweur A.p.s., and Mersin Gelistirme Ve Arastirma Dernegi (MERGAD).

For individuals and organizations interested in delving deeper into the project’s details or those who wish to become a part of future training sessions, further information is available on the official project page: https://www.ilabour.eu/projects/214/

This training course not only signifies the unwavering commitment of these organizations to a sustainable future but also emphasizes the importance of equipping our youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead the charge towards a greener tomorrow.