“Step 1: Addictions” Youth Exchange Was Held in In Ioannina, Greece on 21-30 of September 2018

"Step 1: Addictions" Youth Exchange Was Held in In Ioannina, Greece on 21-30 of September 2018

Thirty young people and team leaders from Greece, Tunisia, Italy, Jordan, Algeria and the Netherlands took part in the project. Participants discussed addictions around the world and in their own country, steps of healing, support and stress relief, mental health, stress, anxiety and depression during the activity.

The main aim of the project was to reduce the risks of addictions among young people and to protect young people from harm produced by their own or their close people’s addictions.

Specific objectives of this project were:

  • To instil the knowledge in the young peoples’ minds that addiction is a disorder like any other and can pose as a threat to a persons’ health;
  • To attempt and explore the nature of addictions and the reason why we are so fond of addictiveness that we do not seem able to get rid of it;
  • To learn about ways and techniques with which we can prevent the birth of addictive habits in an individuals’ mind;
  • To research and apply innovative methods on encountering addictions of every kind.

The project was organised by the Youth Center of Epirus (GREECE)

in collaboration with

  • International Labour Association (the Netherlands)
  • Associazione di Promozione Sociale L’albero del Melogramma (Italy)
  • Youth Association for Environment and Culture (Algeria)
  • Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (Jordan)
  • Make a Difference Path (Tunisia)