“Smart Aspirations Future Employment+” Project Promotion Seminar Was Held with Youngsters

"Smart Aspirations Future Employment+" Project Promotion Seminar Was Held with Youngsters

Smart Aspıratıons Future Employment+ (SAFE+) promotion seminar was held with youngsters.

ILA conducted the SAFE+ Future of Work seminar with 43 participants. Participants were informed about the project’s aim, objectives, and outputs of the project and discussed automation, migration, skills development and women participation in the future of the labour market during the seminar.

The aim of this SAFE+ project is to share best practices amongst organizations working with limited opportunities, marginalized youth, long-term unemployed from urban and rural areas, young people from migrants and refugee families.

SAFE+ Project is coordinated by Global Entrepreneurs UK in partnership with
ILA (Netherlands)
Shelter international e.V. (Germany)
Vienna Association of Education Volunteers – VAEV (Austria)
Lykıa Izcılık ve Doga Sporları Kulubu Dernegı (Turkey)
Kleinon SRL (Romania)

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