“Smart Aspirations Future Employment + ”#Erasmus+ #youth strategic Partnership Project Kick off Meeting Was Held in Nottingham, Uk. On 15-18 April 2019 .

The main agenda was ‪#futureofwork

It is estimated that about 90% of jobs will require some kind of digital skills in the future (EU2020) making it necessary for education and training institutions to offer training that supports the development of such skills. SMART+ project looks to foster the provision and assessment of digital competencies by supporting personalised learning approaches, collaborative learning and strategic use of ICT.

The central focus is to raise recognition that Smart City’ vision of the future world by reviewing topics like the Technology and curriculum, Employment skills of the future, Migration, Inclusion in 2030 and beyond. By this year the technological revolution will be promoting artificial intelligence, virtual reality, increase web traffic, introducing hybrid generation, robots etc. Smart City’ vision is shaped by providers of big technology, who are not attuned to bottom-up innovation.

The aim of this SAFE+ project is to share best practices amongst organisations working with limited opportunities, marginalised youth, long-term unemployed from urban and rural areas, young people from migrants and refugee families.

The project is coordinated by Go Digit All (UK) in partnership with
ILA (Netherlands)
Shelter international e.V. (Germany)
Vienna Association of Education Volunteers – VAEV (Austria)
Lykıa Izcılık ve Doga Sporları Kulubu Dernegı (Turkey)
Kleinon SRL (Romania)