"RespOnSE - Resilience Officer for Social Emergencies" Strategic Partnership Project Third Transnational Project Meeting Was Held in Varazdin, Croatia on 30-31 October 2019

Resilience Officer for Social Emergencies (Response Project) strategic partnership project third transnational project meeting was held in Varazdin, Croatia, on 30-31 October 2019.

Partners discussed the project’s progress with the following agenda.
– Formal approval of the curriculum
– Progress on the outputs relating to the basic course
– Progress on the outputs relating to the advanced/specialized course
– Practical and technical issues about contents development on both courses
– Detailing deadlines and next steps on further work relating to curriculum
– Training guidelines document
– Reporting to the controlling body
– Planning next events
– Presenting the proposed curriculum to civil protection stakeholders from the Varazdin area in order to gain inputs and feedback (seminar format)
– Presenting the project to the press and interviewing participants
– Conclusions and closing

Response Project aims at providing learning opportunities to young people aged 18-35 years, unemployed/underemployed, university and/or high-school graduates, with at least one volunteering experience – preferably in Civil Protection/Humanitarian Aid domain – to help them to transform this experience into a career opportunity, by providing them with:
knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve their “on-field” volunteering experience with organizational and managerial abilities;
specific social and interactive skills, following their passion and inclination/attitude to work in direct contact with persons facing difficulties;
entrepreneurial skills so that they are able to build their own career.

The partnership is formed by:
Centro Studio e Lavoro “La Cremeria” srl (Italy) – Coordinator
ILA (Netherlands)
Associacio Meraki Projectes de Valencia (Valenciana)
Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece)
Sdrujenie-Bisnes Inkubator- Gotse Delchev, Tsentar Za Podpomagane Na Predpriemachestvoto (Bulgaria)
Quesite srl (Italy)

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