"Promoting Social Awareness in Rural Area" Youth Strategic Partnership Project Training Activity Was Held on 2-6 September 2019 at Larissa, Greece

The training focused on the presentation of modules and testing of exercises developed by project partners.

Prosoa Rural Project aims to foster the promotion of social and civic competencies in education centres in rural areas to encourage young entrepreneurs to focus on generating initiatives of local development that cover the needs of the environment where they live, conserving the Cultural Heritage and the Traditions.

The project will carry out several actions:
– Preparing a European Catalog of Good Practices on initiatives related to the conservation of Cultural Heritage and the traditions of the Rural Environment.
– Developing materials that support educators in education centres in rural environments to encourage participation and social entrepreneurship of young people for the conservation of cultural heritage and traditions.
– Preparing a practical guide for trainers of education centres in rural environments where the methodology and tools developed during the project are described.

The partnership is formed by:
Acción Laboral (Spain) – Coordinator
International Labour Association (Netherlands)
Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)
Futuro Digitale (Italy)
INOVA+ (Portugal)