Promote Wellbeing Project Receives the ‘Good Practice’ Award

Promote Wellbeing Project Receives the 'Good Practice' Award

Promote Wellbeing Project Receives the ‘Good Practice’ Award
In a momentous achievement, the “Promote Wellbeing” project has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Good Practice’ award by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. This recognition is a testament to the project team’s exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to improving teachers’ and students’ digital competence, self-esteem, and healthy lifestyle behaviours. The project’s outstanding outcomes, meticulously managed activities, and significant positive impact on educators and young minds have garnered this esteemed award and marked it as a beacon of inspiration for future research and development initiatives.

The ‘Promote Wellbeing’ project, which received funding from ERASMUS+, has achieved its primary objectives and exceeded expectations, setting a benchmark for excellence in European educational initiatives. Its remarkable journey has now earned it a prominent place on the ERASMUS+ Project Results website, where it will serve as a model project, offering invaluable insights and guidance to inspire others on their path towards promoting digital health, active lifestyles, and overall well-being. This recognition underscores the project’s commitment to nurturing healthier generations and fostering lifelong learning. It is a source of pride for all involved and a beacon of hope for educators and students alike.

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The project is held in coordination with the Spojená Skola Sv. Kosickych Mucenikov in partnership with;
Liceul Tehnologic Transporturi Cai Ferate Craiova,
Özel Di̇yarbakir Ti̇caret Sanayi̇ Odasi Mesleki̇ Ve Tekni̇k Anadolu Li̇sesi̇.