"Laboratory for Labour Integration of Youth with Disability" Training Course Was Held in Saragossa, Spain on 23-27 September 2018

LAB4DIS was designed to facilitate the exchange of good practices and the creation of networks among professionals from European-level entities working in the field of disability. The first part of the seminar consisted of sessions where the key points of specific issues were presented. Actions carried out at the local level and success stories involving users, professionals and volunteers were also exposed.

In the second part, several centres of the PADIS network (Aragonesse Disability Association) were visited where this type of action was carried out.

The third part of the seminar was about the presentation of the possibilities of designing a broader European project (more budget, more duration, more impact) within the Erasmus + Program (or others), through a strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices in the field of disability.

Participants also visited the most emblematic sites of the city of Zaragoza and organised some touristic activities and leisure moments to exchange personal experiences.


Encourage the exchange of good practices and the implementation of new quality actions in the field of labour inclusion of people, young and adults, with disabilities.
Contact and creation of networks between entities working in the field of disability.
To get a better understanding of the possibility of carrying out projects within the Erasmus+ Program.


Exchange of good practices
Visit to protected employment centres in Saragossa.
Information panel
Brainstorming for future strategic partnership

LAB4DIS was organized by Patronal Aragonesa De Discapacidad- PADIS
with the participation of ILA (Netherlands), , Labos (Italy), Association “Savarankiskas Gyvenimas” (Lithuania), Adm Estrela and Parish Social Centre of Dornelas (Portugal)