"Keys To Giving Back" Project Third Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity was held in Ponte de Lima, Portugal on 27-31 January 2020

Participants from France, Netherlands, Turkey, and Portugal made study visits to prominent organizations which pay attention to intergenerational learning and giving back mechanisms in their society. Participants communicated with representatives of each organization and received information in accordance with the project’s field.
Visiting points of the learning teaching and training activity were as follows;
Centro de Interpretação da História Militar de Ponte de Lima (The Ponte de Lima Military History Interpretation Center)
Chocolates Avianense Avianense Chocolates Factory
CIPVV – Centro de Interpretação e Promoção do Vinho Verde The Green Wine Interpretation and Promotion Centre
Museu dos Terceiros The Museum of the Third Order
Museu do Brinquedo Português Portuguese Toy Museum
Lagoas de Bertiandos e S. Pedro d’Arcos Lagoas de Bertiandos e S. Pedro d’Arcos

Keys to Giving Back aims to tackle the challenge of promoting an active ageing population to allow for social cohesion and higher productivity, in particular for the newly retired, allowing them to successfully transfer their years of experience and knowledge to a younger generation of associations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. However, transferring knowledge and know-how does not always come naturally and can be frustrating to those who don’t have prior teaching or coaching experience. Therefore, through K2GB, we will focus on developing teaching methods for those interested in passing on their competencies.
As an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership, the Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices project K2GB is held from October 2018 to 2020 and consists of 4 European exchanges of good practice. The exchanges include 2 in 2019 in Turkey and the Netherlands and 2 in 2020 in Portugal and France. The aim is to gather information from partner countries on how the retired generation is transferring their knowledge to the younger generation while simultaneously remaining active members of the community. The information will be collected, and a toolkit will be created to help the older generation better transfer their skills.
The project is coordinated by Jupiter Association (France) in partnership with;
– ILA (Netherlands)
– Previform – Laboratório, Formação, Hygiene e Segurança no Trabalho, Lda (Portugal)
– Istanbul Avrupa Arastirmalari Dernegi (Turkey)

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