“Innovative Methods of Informal Training” Training Course Was Held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 08-16 October 2018

"Innovative Methods of Informal Training" Training Course Was Held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 08-16 October 2018

The main mission of the project was to train youth workers, teachers, mentors and everyone in the area of youth training and student training in innovative methods of informal training. Trainers had the chance to obtain vital experience in their own field, to gain more knowledge and to be able to better support their motivation for professional development in the area of expertise chosen by them.

The project aimed to create a future network of organizations that could provide useful, practical and applicable methods for teachers, trainers and youth workers. With that, it directly influenced the way of transferring knowledge and creating engagement in the trainees. During the course, youth workers and trainers inclined to use new and interesting methods of transferring knowledge with the goal of enriching the knowledge and skill of the next generations by letting them leave their comfort zone hidden in the classical methods of education and training, through the use of more modern, active and interactive methods of transferring knowledge and training, while still following all necessary requirements.

40 participants took part in the project – youth workers, trainers, teachers and mentors from 9 countries members of the EU and partner countries. In the span of 9 days dedicated to learning and training, participants obtained more than 10 techniques of how to innovate in informal learning. Some of the lectures were aimed at topics like – how to transfer knowledge in a way that maintains attention and creates the desire to learn more, how to present knowledge and not just theory, how to motivate trainees to develop and how to use modern technologies as a strong ally in the process.

The training was conducted by Economic Development Union with ILA partnership. It was held in English and the main methods and formats were presentations, lectures, role-play games, brainstorming, team building.