“Behind the Reality” Training Course Was Held in Bari, Italy on 1-9 December 2018

"Behind the Reality" Training Course Was Held in Bari, Italy on 1-9 December 2018

The aim of the Behind the Reality Training Course was to raise awareness about Human rights in spheres of migration and disabilities through making Human rights escape rooms. The project gathered 30 youth workers, NGO activists and from Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Poland and Latvia. It is expected that some of the participants will be involved in the human rights area.
Project was set on the following objectives:

•Spread ideas of human rights protection
•Provide youth workers with tools and knowledge on how to organize escape rooms, which will bring ideas of human rights protection to a greater amount of people, especially youth.
•Show that dealing with human rights can be done in various ways through providing participants with ideas and methods on non-standard approach to human rights education
•To create working tools which can be used in local communities.
•Start a network of youth workers in Europe who are ready to do quest rooms on human rights by giving them an opportunity to practice this approach and creating a good atmosphere for connection between participants
•Bring understanding of nowadays problems in human rights area through giving examples, ideas and theoretical knowledge during the project
•To raise awareness of such human rights topics as migration and disabilities.
The working methods were based on non-formal learning and ensured the possibility of active participation of all attendants. The diversity of the activities and methods encouraged everyone to feel comfortable and safe within the group and contribute to the overall progress of the project and results. The participants were presented with resources that were used in the joint work during the training and shared with organizations for future reference.
The project envisaged the following learning outcomes, related to its objectives: increased understanding of the philosophy of escape room methodology and a deeper understanding of the human rights; increased motivation and improved skills for developing and implementing quality volunteering mobility projects; better understanding of the roles of the actors of the volunteers support system, their rights and responsibilities; acquired and developed skills on effective communication and crisis management; confidence in using new tools, methods and mechanisms for supporting groups throughout the different phases of the escape room activity; better understanding of intercultural learning and communication; developed skills for teamwork, cooperation and networking of the participants and the project partners.
Main idea of the project was to use escape/quest rooms as a tool to spread knowledge about human rights and to raise issues in this area for young people. Escape room is a tool that is currently used for entertainment purposes mostly, but it could be used for learning goals too, as it is interesting and interactive. It is much easier to deliver such important and sometimes complicated issues as human rights in game form. During the project participants attended escape rooms themselves, got theoretical information about human rights and on how to make escape rooms themselves. Also, at the project participants had time to practice the knowledge they received and make escape rooms on three human rights issues: migration and disabilities. As the result of the project, participants obtained knowledge of how to use escape/quest rooms to spread human rights ideas and came back home with ready ideas for future local and international projects. It is expected that in a year time after the project each partner NGO will manage to make an escape room themselves.

Project was coordinated by EURO SUD in collaboration with
• ILA (Netherlands)
• Sdruzhenie Balgarski Mladezhki Forum (Bulgaria)
• Biedriba “Logos Latvija” (Latvia)
• Asociatia Super Tineri (Romania)
• Prisms (Malta)
• Stowarzyszenie Projektow Miedzynarodowych “Logos Polska” (Poland)
• Udruga Enas (Croatia)
• SoF Belgium vzw (Belgium)
• European Youth Center Breclav (Czech Republic)

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