“Act Against Hate” Training Course Held in Szeged, Hungary

"Act Against Hate" Training Course Held in Szeged, Hungary

“Act Against Hate” Training Course Held in Szeged, Hungary
The “Act Against Hate” project successfully concluded its training course aimed at promoting equality, social inclusion, and active citizenship from April 17 to 25, 2024, in Szeged, Hungary. Coordinated by the Ifjúsági Stratégiai Kutató Központ Alapítvány (Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation), the project gathered youth workers from across Europe to develop skills and strategies to combat hate speech and its harmful effects.

Impact and Objectives:
The “Act Against Hate” project focused on improving communication skills and competencies among youth workers better to handle problems, arguments, and interpersonal violence. The project’s key objectives were to:
– Promote equality and social inclusion.
– Foster active citizenship among young people.
– Equip youth workers with tools to prevent hate speech and its negative impacts.

By achieving these objectives, the project aimed to create a more inclusive and accepting society through the proactive engagement of young people and youth workers.

Participants and Activities:
The training course brought together youth workers from Hungary, North Macedonia, Lithuania, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Bulgaria. Over the span of nine days, participants engaged in a comprehensive program that included:
– Team-building exercises and introductory sessions.
– Workshops on reducing discrimination and building positive attitudes.
– Discussions on empathy, solidarity, and understanding different perspectives.
– Field visits and intercultural evening events.
– Sessions on project outcomes and follow-up activities.

Project Outcomes:
The training course significantly enhanced the participants’ abilities to organize follow-up activities, apply the learned skills in their work with young people, and promote a culture of equality and inclusion. The experience also fostered professional and personal development, encouraging participants to continue their efforts in combating hate speech and fostering social harmony in their communities.
Further details on https://www.ilabour.eu/projects/175/