5 Reasons to Have an Online Portfolio

Oct 12, 2021  •  7 min read

If you are a photographer, model or designer, probably you already have your e-portfolio. But do you know that students, teachers, scientists, and other professionals may also have an online portfolio? Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo, Portfoliobox, Crevado, and other website builders offer a variety of templates for e-portfolios, for example, business portfolio or CV/Resume, online store or blog, site of a boxer or carpenter. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why it is good to have an online portfolio.
To improve your career.
By promoting yourself on the Web, demonstrating your skills and abilities, providing electronic evidence of your work, projects and other outputs, you will be able to find a job, as well as sell your goods and services.

1. To share your work
Journalists need to share their articles, photographers upload photos, artists showcase their art pieces, students show their assignments, and travellers write posts. Your online portfolio is an excellent place to spread your work, as it gives you freedom and space to be creative.

2. To get feedback
Some people may need an e-portfolio for getting feedback and recognition, especially those who need to raise self-confidence. Likewise, it is good to look at yourself from other people’s perspectives, of course, if your friends, peer learners, experts or trainers are so generous as to write a comment on your website. J

3. To assess and reflect on your learning and development
An E-portfolio is an excellent tool in the self-assessment process that helps to determine your achievements and personal and professional development. It also allows you to follow your learning process and progress and make self-reflection. This is not just an employer who searches for your e-portfolio to be sure that your lifelong learning process goes right; this is also you who evaluate and reflect on it. To attend training, get certificates or participate in events are not enough, you need to record these experiences and what is most important to publish your site. Yet it is online, you are more engaged and pay attention to details.

4. To develop digital skills
Developing digital skills is crucial in today’s labour market and will be even more vital in the future. Learning how to create and optimize your website may be a good start in developing digital skills and be computer literate.

If you are finally convinced to make an e-portfolio, you will probably face with a problem what to write in this “I’m a paragraph” section. This is the hardest part. Sure, it will take time to create interesting, well-organized content, and you will always try to improve and develop it. Make it simple, concrete, user-friendly, logical, positive, and unique. If you have a passion for making it unique will not be a problem. Overall, it should work for the purpose!