Taste of Europe Youth Exchange was held in Xylokastro, Greece

“Taste of Europe” Youth Exchange was held in Xylokastro, Greece on 16 – 23 September 2018.

Project aimed to get to know the cultures of all the partner’s countries through their cuisines and food history, through their “food stories” and discuss how and what we deliver from the past to the future with the slogan ‘Our heritage: where the past meets the future’.

Activity was an international youth exchange program involving 9 partners from 9 Programme Countries and hosting 54 people in Xylokastro, Greece. Each partner organization delegated 5 youngsters and 1 group leader. Municipality of Xylokastro hosted groups from Greece, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden and Netherlands. Participants used a variety of non-formal education methods as presentations, discussions, working groups, demonstrations, visits, team building games, brainstorming during the activity.

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