“Youth for Youth” Training Course was held

“Youth for Youth” Training Course was held

Krakow, Poland

23-30 November  2018

“Youth for Youth” Youth Exchange Activity was held in Krakow, Poland on  23-30 November  2018

Project was held with the participation of 23 youth activists from 10 programs countries. Participants extended their knowledge about coaching, role of a coach, tasks of youth worker when coaching and main principles, competencies – knowledge, skills and attitudes – the youth worker needs when coaching youth groups, methods and techniques coach can use, differences and similarities between coaching and mentoring, ethics, SWOT of coach.

Program was built on two questions. What are the specialties of coaching dealing with young people with fewer opportunities and how can youth worker adapt the methods in different groups.

Training targeted the following objectives.

  • To develop knowledge and skills of participants in the field of coaching;
  • To familiarize the participants with commonly used terminology and language of coaching;
  • To develop participants` knowledge and understanding about different coaching styles;
  • To introduce to participants relevant and effective tools working in a field of coaching as well to provide an opportunity to probe these methods in practice;
  • To develop participants` knowledge about Erasmus + program in order to ensure the ability of participants to work as multipliers and to be able to use a programme in participants further activities, by this raising the quality of projects implemented within Erasmus + programme;

During the program participants used non formal education and its methods: simulation, ranking, role play, buzz group, learning by doing etc. Foundation Understand Autism coordinated project with the partnership of ILA and 8 other partners.

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