“Teaching Young Entrepreneurs” Training Course was held

“Teaching Young Entrepreneurs” Training Course was held

Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

04-10 May 2018

Teaching Young Entrepreneurs TC was held in Arenas de San Pedro, Spain on 04-10 May 2018.

The main aim of “Teaching Young Entrepreneurs – if not you then who?” training course was to prepare youth workers/teachers to work with the “Young Entrepreneurs – If not you then who” methodology and to help young people to find their way as entrepreneurs.

This course, was held on the following objectives:

  • To increase the quality of youth sector as an important actor of fomenting and teaching youth initiative and entrepreneurship
  • To provide youth workers and teachers with a new entrepreneurship education methodology
  • To increase the facilitation skills of youth workers/teachers
  • To provide a complementary, non-formal methodology to be used in formal education

This non-formal training course was characterized by highly participatory, interactive and experiential methods. The participants had chance to participate in sessions of entrepreneurial education, gather feedback from other participants, reflect on their facilitation skills and improve them.

Project Link: http://www.ilabour.eu/projects/teaching-entrepreneurship-know

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