The EFTID Policy Recommendations

Apr 20, 2022  •  6 min read

EFTID Policy Recommendations

European Towns Fostering Intercultural Dialogue and Combating Discrimination of Migrants and Minorities

The EFTID Policy Recommendations are a set of policy advice have been drafted by the 14 members of the European Network of Towns for Intercultural Dialogue and Inclusion in order to support local and European policy-makers in drafting adequate and up to date policies for facilitation of intercultural dialogue and tackling discrimination against migrants and minority groups in European societies. All suggested policy measures are drawn from each partner town’s local context, considering international best practices and searching to influence local, national and European policy debates. The EFTID Policy Recommendations are based on 12 local citizen debates in each partner country (Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Poland, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands), involving municipalities, city councils, civil society organizations, academia, businesses and citizens.

The Network members believe that European towns can contribute to the local and European policy-making process on intercultural dialogue and inclusion by steadily building up the body of knowledge on particular issues, helping to change opinions among the public and influential policy decision-makers. Therefore is sought to offer a set of policy recommendations that could, on the one hand, fit in some existing strategies, programs or legislation and influence the development of new policies in framing new sets of recommendations.

The EFTID Policy Recommendations are focused on 10 main areas, as listed below.


This publication has been produced with the support of the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the EFTID project partnership and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Commission.

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