Pre-incubation and Incubation Stages in The Netherlands

Sep 7, 2022  •  6 min read

Pre-incubation and Incubation Stages in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the startup-friendly countries making a difference in Europe. This dynamic country, where many creative people live, is on its way to becoming a startup centre and community. The reason the Netherlands is a dream country for entrepreneurs is the technical infrastructure, access to talent, proximity to markets, tax reductions and ease of communication. Entrepreneurs can easily connect with stakeholders, incubators and investors in this city. The Netherlands is an open and progressive society with a diverse workforce that supports creativity and innovation. One in every five people in the Netherlands society has a parent born abroad. Amsterdam welcomes people from 180 different nationalities. 90% of the Dutch speak English, and most are multilingual.

Non-EU/EEA citizens who wish to start a business in the Netherlands can start a business in the Netherlands with a Dutch Startup Visa. New entrepreneurs are given the option of a one-year session extension to launch their business idea. The fast-track immigration process for highly skilled non-EU migrants benefits employees and employers.

The Entrepreneurship Action Plan supports startups. The Dutch government offers competitive tax breaks, refunds and financial support, and provides a level of clarity that companies can rely on in the long term. An effective corporate tax rate of up to 5% is one of the R&D and innovation advantages offered.

The Netherlands is known for its excellent transportation and telecommunications network that makes doing business much faster and easier. The country has one of the fastest broadband speeds in Europe and is the birthplace of Bluetooth and WiFi connections. The Netherlands is one of the 5 most competitive economies in the world. The Netherlands is a functional, democratic, law-abiding society that tends to create a safe environment for business activities. The Dutch strive for consensus on important issues, have advanced social services and promote safety. Situated between Germany, Belgium and the North Sea, the Netherlands is ideally located to reach anywhere in Europe and the world. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe.

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