Reassessment of Volunteer Recognition (RVR) Training Course Was Held

Reassessment of Volunteer Recognition (RVR) Training Course Was Held

Ankara, Turkey

07-13 July 2018

Reassessment of Volunteer Recognition (RVR) Training Course was held in Ankara on 07-13 July 2018. Project welcomed 30 participants from 7 program countries (Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Macedonia and Turkey). It contributed to Erasmus+ program priorities in promotion of active citizenship, equity, social inclusion, solidarity and sense of initiative of young people and addressed specific needs of volunteer recognition in nonprofit organizations.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV), Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport, Eskisehir Governorship, Keçiören Municipality and ILA implemented training course with the financial support from Turkish National Agency.

Fundacıon Cıbervoluntarıos (SP), Danube Volunteer Centre (RO), Euro-Medıterranean Assocıatıon Of Exchanges Volunteerıng Events Polska (PL), Municipality of Stip (MK), Comıtato D’ıntesa Tra Le Assocıazıonı Volontarıstıche Della Provıncıa Dı Belluno (IT) and International Labour Association (NL) was the international partners in RVR training course.

The key objectives of training course were as follows:

  • To exchange and transfer knowledge and know-how on volunteer recognition,
  • To improve the level of key competences, social abilities and digital skills of participants,
  • To enhance the volunteer management capacity of partner and beneficiary organisations to foster quality improvements in youth work,
  • To promote recognition of volunteering to strengthen links between the youth field and the labour market.

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