“Youth Resource Centre for Employability, Entrepreneurship Education and Community Development (YRC)” Training Course Was Held at Baku, Azerbaijan Between 10-18 June 2019

The training course was the 3rd activity in the frame of the project that is implemented within the Key Action 2 Capacity Building program.

The project aims to strengthen the employability and economic capacity of young people through enhancing local youth structures in entrepreneurship education and in informing young people about educational learning opportunities in the Ganja-Gazakh region of Azerbaijan.

The training course gathered 24 participants from Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Lithuania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova.

The course followed an experiential training method called CEFE that maximizes the participation of trainees. Participants were required to actively participate in the exercises which resulted in maximum engagement and learning from experiences. Self-evaluation, feedback from co-participants, and comments from the trainer after the performance completed the learning cycle.

The content of the training comprised:
➢ Young adults learning theory and methods (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits).
➢ Business skills, CEFE ladder (Individual Entrepreneurial Characteristics, Finding and Matching Business Idea, Business Tools, Environment of Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Organisation, and Management, Financial and Investment Plan, Business Plan, Reality Check of Business Idea).
➢ Market research in Baku, Azerbaijan (Customer Relations, Sales and Selling Techniques, Comparison of Prices, Location, and Products).
➢ Social Entrepreneurship links and understandings in doing business.

Please click http://bit.ly/2YBpPcW for the activity final report.