“Youth Hands in Hands” Project Training Course Was Held in Istanbul, Turkey on 10-15 December 2018

"Youth Hands in Hands" Project Training Course Was Held in Istanbul, Turkey on 10-15 December 2018

Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse’ was held KA3 Structured Dialogue: meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth. The general aim of the project was to develop a youth policy to combat drug and substance abuse from the perspective of young people contribution by experts and decision-makers.

The project started on 1 May 2018 and finished on the 31st of January 2019. The project contained 4 main activities. 3 of these activities took place in Istanbul, Turkey and one of the activities was implemented in Frankfurt, Germany. The activities were Awareness-raising meetings, Exchanging good practices, Youth Hands in Hands Report Workshop and Dissemination and Awareness-raising meetings.

The specific objectives of the project were as follows,

to prepare a report a snapshot of the European drug situation based on the latest
available information from EU monitoring activities.
to have an overview of the legal and regulatory framework that controls the consumption
of drugs and substance
to exchange the experience on preventing drug and substance consumption
to develop capacity and cooperation among the partner organizations to fight against

drug and substance abuse

The project was coordinated by Beyoğlu County Police Department in collaboration with

International Labour Association (Netherlands)
Eughenia Società Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)
Civilna, Edukativna I Transparentna Platforma (Croatia)
Intercultural Club- Goethe Uni (Germany)
European youth Centre Breclav (Czech Republic)
Istanbul Valiliği (Turkey)
Kasımpaşa Çok Programlı Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
Mittetulundusuhing Continuous Action (Estonia)
Bağımsız Yaşam Derneği (Turkey)
Institute for Social Integration (Bulgaria)