“What’s Up Youth” Advanced Planning Visit Was Held in Abbasanta, Italy on 1-4 December 2019

"What's Up Youth" Advanced Planning Visit Was Held in Abbasanta, Italy on 1-4 December 2019

“Whats’Up Youth” Advanced Planning Visit was held in Abbasanta, Italy on 1-4 December 2019.

During the visit, Sardinian, Belgian, Dutch, Cyprian and Czech youth leaders from partner organizations planned the youth exchange to be held on 21-27 of March 2020 in Abbasanta, Italy. Youth leaders started with a meeting with the Mayor of Abbasanta, followed by a visit to the police school and a visit to an archaeological site, Nuraghe Losa.
Its title, “What’s Up Youth?”, refers to one of the most used social networks and, at the same time, summarizes the specific objective of the project, which consists in encouraging the participation of young people and their sense of initiative through the correct use of social media and to demonstrate how their correct use can support intercultural, intergenerational dialogue and the enhancement of the territory and its own history.
Involved partners are, on the one hand, the Countries with the highest (Belgium- 89,64%) and the lowest (Czech Republic-18,2%) rates of participation in European Parliament’s elections in 2014 and, on the other hand, the most (Holland, 82,5% informal volunteering and 40,3% formal volunteering) and less (Cyprus 2,6% informal volunteering and 7,2% volunteering) virtuous European Countries with reference to volunteering activities.

Stay tuned for the youth exchange activity in March 2020.