“Volunteering for Sustainable Development Goals” Youth Exchange Was Held in the Hague, Netherlands on 10-16 of November 2018

"Volunteering for Sustainable Development Goals" Youth Exchange Was Held in the Hague, Netherlands on 10-16 of November 2018

V4SDGs promoted transnational mobility of 16-30 age youngsters with a 7-days youth exchange activity and brought together 30 participants from 6 countries in Arnhem. The project is a joint work of 6 partners who have different backgrounds and experience levels.

Taking into account the critical context in Europe – and considering the fact that volunteering can significantly contribute to addressing the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants “Volunteering for Sustainable Development Goals (V4SDGs)” project refers to Erasmus+ 2018 Guide’s horizontal priorities and embraces SDGs as a mechanism for quality volunteering. The project contributed to more cohesive and inclusive societies in Europe and promoted active citizenship, diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, solidarity and a sense of initiative for young people. The project aimed to develop social capital among young people and empower them to understand and transfer the common fundamental values of European society through volunteering.

The key objectives of the project are as follows:

Broaden and deepen political and social participation of young people in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at local, regional, national, European or global level
Promote volunteering as a way of active participation of young people in democratic and civic life in Europe, including in connection with the 2019 European elections
Raise awareness among young people on European learning mobility opportunities and encourage them to become active citizens
Foster quality improvements in youth projects, in particular through enhanced cooperation and mobility between partner organisations in the youth field
Recognize informal non-formal learning outcomes by promoting Youthpass