"Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability" Project’s Study Visit Activity Was Successfully Implemented on 17-23 June 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Participants had the following outcomes during the visit.

– They had 6 visits and meetings with Swedish youth field organizations, among which Fryshuset youth centre, KEKS, National Youth Council of Sweden, The Workers’ Labour Association (ABF), etc.
– They had an understanding of the Swedish National and Municipal youth policy.
– They developed questions on recognition mechanisms and tools, youth work and volunteering to ask during the visits.
– They had 3 full sessions working on 5 different youth work recognition tool concepts and developed 3 out of them. Later they created country groups according to the relevance of the tool to use in respected countries.

VYRE is a Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices project that is implemented under the Erasmus+ “Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries” program.

The project aims to increase recognition of voluntary youth work in society and among employers, to acknowledge and validate youth volunteering at local, national levels, develop volunteers’ competencies and link them to the labour market, make their work validated by their skills and knowledge gained as a part of non-formal learning in local projects.

The partnership is formed by:
– Social and Youth Workers (Armenia) – Coordinator
– ILA (Netherlands)
– National Technical University Dnipro Politechnic Offices of International Academic Mobility and International Projects (Ukraine)
– LLC Umbrella (Georgia)
– Ministry Of Labour and Social Affairs of RA (Armenia)
– Nordic European Mobility (Sweden)
– Escull Solidari (Spain)
– ECYC – European Confederation of Youth Clubs Aisbl (Belgium)
– Horseed (Norway)
– Kipriakos Organismos Kentron Neotitas Koken Ltd (Cyprus)
– Koinonikh Synetairistikh Epixeirhsh Koinonikhs Ofeleias Mentores (Greece)
– Nur Service (Armenia)