"Upskilling Adults 45+ with Migrant Backgroud" Adult Education Strategic Partnership Project Kick-off Meeting Was Held in Timisoara, Romania, on 17-18 December 2019

“Upskilling Adults 45+, with Migrant Backgroud (UPAM 45+)” Adult Education Strategic Partnership Project kick-off meeting, was held in Timisoara, Romania on 17-18 December 2019.

Partners reviewed project schedule, budget, ıntellectual outputs, learning mobilities, and dissemination activities during the meeting.

UPAM45+ aims to provide solutions for better integration on the labour market and in the society of adults 45+, with the migrant background, through basic skills learning. It focuses on tackling the difficulties of (re)insertion on the labour market and in the community of migrants both from the EU and outside EU and of return migrants (individuals that take part in the emigration process, returning to their home country after a long stay abroad). The project develops integrated solutions necessary for adult education providers in order to support (re)migrants, adults aged 45+, to acquire basic skills: entrepreneurship, digital and soft skills, and/or, to validate their competences. This way, adults 45+ are supported, in a holistic way, for social and professional inclusion.

Project’s specific objectives are as follows;
1. Designing dedicated programs for training 20 staff working with adults 45+
2. Provide tailored, holistic services for adults 45+, with the migrant background, so that they can access to the labor market and actively participate in the community. A mix of validation services and training offers (for upskilling/ qualifying), together with guidance for entrepreneurial initiatives and job finding are to be designed.
3. Develop a learning strategy with 2 components: digital skills and soft skills that can be adapted to different contexts and target groups.

The partnership is formed by:
– Institutul Roman de Educatie a Adultilor (Romania) – Coordinator
– International Labour Association (Netherlands)
– Action Synergy SA (Greece)
– Weltgewandt Institut für Interkulturelle Politische Bildung e.V. (Germany)
– Emprende Empleo European Network (Spain)
– Fundatia Romano-germana de Pregatire si Perfectionare Profesionala in Domeniul Constructiilor (Romania)

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