‘Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue’ Strategic Partnership Project Kick-off Meeting Was Held in Rzeszów, Poland on 27 – 29 of January 2019.

The “Social Integration through Informal Dialogue” project is based on an initiative called Open Café which is an informal and comfortable space open for all. It is a space where people meet, break stereotypes about each other and debate different issues. They also learn how to actively listen, be respectful and express their opinions in a clear manner.

The aim of the project is to create new cultural spaces for people to meet on equal terms, and where the rules of interaction are more flexible. This creates a mutual understanding between participants which can then filter into larger community-level interactions. In this manner, the project would help achieve more social cohesion and an easier way of living together in diversity by hosting series of seminars, workshops and contact-making activities in partner countries. Consequently, this project does not simply mean to engage newcomers, refugees and migrants, but also to foster interaction and dialogue with the wider European society.

Project was coordinated by Stowarzyszenie Projektow Miedzynarodowych (INPRO) Rzeszów in collaboration with

International Labour Association (Netherlands)
Associazione Di Promozione Sociale Young Effect (Italy)
Pro IFALL AB (Sweden)
Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer Intermediakt (Greece)