"Raising Awareness of Youth Europeans of Second Generation with Migration Background" Project Kick-off Meeting Was Held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 17-19 January 2019

The project aims to foster youth participation in the promotion of active citizenship, inclusion and contribution to democracy. The main focus is on the second generation of European citizens with a non-EU migration background – to know better their stories, tackle obstacles and face challenges they meet participation in democratic life. Within the project, young people will be invited to share their stories and have their voices heard. Among them, six youngsters will be selected to be Youth Ambassadors for active citizenship in Europe. They will have the opportunity to meet with policymakers and to have a direct impact on the policies of the new European Commission in charge of 2019.

The project is coordinated by TIA Formazione, Italy, in cooperation with ILA, Netherlands; Association Euni Partners, Bulgaria; EU Diaspora Council, Sweden; ACD La HOYA, Spain and IED, Greece.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus plus Programme of the European Union, KA3 – Support for Policy Reform, European Youth Together.