"Management, Marketing and Money for Youth Work Organisations" Contact Making Seminar Was Held in Lillehammer, Norway, on 24 May-01 June 2019

“Management, Marketing and Money for Youth Work Organisations” Contact Making Event was held on 24 May – 01 June 2019 in Lillehammer, Norway.

“M3” was a 7-day international training course on management, marketing and finances for organisations working with youth and international youth mobility. The training course targeted at staff and volunteers in managerial position in youth work, youth organisations and mobility projects.

Training course dealt with how to ensure quality, stability, sustainability and visibility in projects and programmes. Participants analyzed their organizational structures, working procedures/processes (e.g. related to decision making, information and implementation), and planning and controlling mechanisms. Management tools were introduced to ensure quality and sustainability both of projects as of the organisation as a whole and thus allow long-term planning and strategic development. Participants also dealt with some important aspects of financial management such as fundraising, budgeting, accounting and controlling as well as touching upon social entrepreneurship, digitalization and the use of social media.

Stiftelsen Den Reisende Høgskole (Norway) coordinated project in partnership with ILA and 12 partner organizations.