“MAD for Culture” Youth Exchange Was Held in Madrid, Spain on 18-23 November 2018

"MAD for Culture" Youth Exchange Was Held in Madrid, Spain on 18-23 November 2018

The project brought together people from different European countries in a 5-day program of activities on cultural heritage and traditions, to improve European citizenship, youth participation and transnational unity. The main objective of this activity was to deepen the knowledge of European cultural heritage, trying to understand the differences and common origins of different EU countries, focusing on the interrelation of different traditions that made the EU one of the most heterogeneous cribs and rich of the world.

“MAD for Culture” project gave participants the opportunity to know the importance of cultural heritage through tangible culture (such as monuments, landscapes and works of art) and intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge). Participants had the opportunity to reflect and discuss the subject and explore different cultures and backgrounds through the arts used as a tool to share and create traditions. The activities were aimed at young people appreciating the richness of their environment and develop an awareness of local, national and international heritage.

Project hosted together 42 young people from 7 countries: Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland and France, aged between 18 and 30 years.