“Let’s Get Organized for ESC” Training Course Was Held in Istanbul, Turkey on 03-10 December 2019

"Let’s Get Organized for ESC" Training Course Was Held in Istanbul, Turkey on 03-10 December 2019

The training brought together main partners of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program; youth workers, youth leaders, representatives of the youth organizations from Coordinating, Sending and Hosting Organisations from different European countries. The main aim of the project was to improve international cooperation by gathering the potential and the current partners together, learning the new ESC program and sharing knowledge, consequently increasing the quality of ESC projects. The training course was for 30 representatives of 15 organizations among 15 EU program countries in order to strengthen the cooperation regions that work with youngsters with fewer opportunities (rural areas, disabled, cultural social and economic difficulties) under Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program.
The main subjects of the training course were:
Understanding the concept of ESC (Quality Label, Volunteering, Solidarity, Traineeship and Job)
The learning dimension of ESC
How to set up a competent support system Set up partnerships for ESC projects
To Create and share Tools for ESC (Financial Management, Agreements, Calls, Application forms, interviews, mentorship, follow up, youthpass, europass etc.)