"Innovative Approach for Developing Social Entrepreneurship" Projects' Study Visit and Networking Event Was Held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 25 - 26 April 2022

On the first day, the current situation and potential of social entrepreneurship in Turkey topics were discussed with the speakers who are Merve Kavas (Yekpare) and Muhammed Yunus Aktas (KUSIF) in Postane Istanbul. Then, a study visit was held to Impact Hub Istanbul, a social enterprise and entrepreneur network that has proven its success in Turkey and worldwide.

On the following day, the panel was started as part of the networking event day with the opening speech of Bülent Özcan (General Director for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation at the Directorate for EU Affairs). Afterwards, cross-sectoral cooperation on social problems, the governmental and private sector support and strengthening of the local network in social enterprises topics were discussed by the representatives of Turkey’s leading social enterprises, who are Evren Aydoğan (Needs Map), Tülin Akın (Tabit) and Genar Ersoy (Mikado).

The project contributed to developing a sustainable civil society dialogue between Turkey and EU member states. The project created a sustainable social entrepreneurship ecosystem at the local and national levels.

The İnnosocia project is held in coordination with the Aydın Genç İş İnsanları Derneği in partnership with;
Aydın Girişimci Kadınlar Derneği,
Sosyal Etki ve Yenilikçi Eğitim Derneği,