ILA Approved for EVS Accreditation with the Meeting in Konya, Turkey, on 9 October 2017

ILA Approved for EVS Accreditation with the Meeting in Konya, Turkey, on 9 October 2017

ILA has recently received the EVS accreditation as a Sending organization in Ankara, Turkey. This accreditation is valid until the 31st of December 2020. ILA received its accreditation document from the Turkish National Agency during a 3-days meeting in Konya, Turkey.

ILA EVS accreditation number: 2017-1-TR01-KA110-046990

What do Sending Organisations do?


Helps the volunteer(s) to find and contact a receiving organization;
Provides adequate preparation for the volunteer(s) before departure, according to the individual needs and learning opportunities of the volunteer(s) and in line with the Volunteer Training Guidelines and Minimum Quality Standards of the European Commission;
Ensures, in cooperation with the receiving organization, that the volunteer receives support in carrying out language preparation (if applicable, support to carry out the online language course and assessments provided by the Commission);
Ensures the participation of the volunteer(s) in the pre-departure session, if organized by the National Agency or SALTO.

Contact during the voluntary activity

Keeps in contact with the volunteer(s) and with the receiving organization (s) during the project.
Upon Volunteer’s Return

Provides support to volunteer(s) to help reintegrate them into their home community;
Gives volunteers the opportunity to exchange and share experiences and learning outcomes;
Encourages the involvement of the volunteer(s) in dissemination and exploitation of results and learning outcomes;
Provides guidance regarding further education, training, or employment opportunities;
Ensures the participation of the volunteers in the annual EVS event organized by the National Agency in their country.