“Equal in Life, Different in Gender” Youth Exchange Was Held in Ankara, Turkey on 21-28 November 2019

"Equal in Life, Different in Gender" Youth Exchange Was Held in Ankara, Turkey on 21-28 November 2019

The project welcomed 42 participants from 7 partner countries to;
– gain awareness for gender equality problems and understand the role of individuals, societies, and governments in the resolutions.
– understand the reasons for discrimination and develop methods to fight against it.
– promote active citizenship and participation of youth for social issues.
– get to know new cultures, lifestyles, languages, and values to gain open-mindedness.
– identify circumstances leading to gender discrimination,
discover the various understanding of gender roles as a social phenomenon,
– increase their knowledge and awareness level in topics like Human Rights (values, principles, equality, study cases), social exclusion, intercultural dialogue, tolerance.
– promote Erasmus+ as an education tool to fight discrimination,
– establish a strong network of youth willing to work on gender equality matters.

The project activities were mainly based on non-formal education, including experiential learning activities that stimulate the interactive and inclusive participation of the participants.

IYACA (Turkey) coordinated the project in partnership with the following six partner organizations.
– ILA (Netherlands)
– Asociatia Voluntarilor Pentru Viata (Romania)
– Social-educational Initiatives Centre PLUS (Lithuania)
– Bulgarian Youth Forum (Bulgaria)
– Asociacion Cervino (Spain)
– Sensational Opportunity-Associacao (Portugal)