“We Come as One” Youth Exchange Was Held in Osijek, Croatia on 1-9 December 2017

"We Come as One" Youth Exchange Was Held in Osijek, Croatia on 1-9 December 2017

Project Summary:

“We Come as One” was held by hosting six people from organizations from Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey and Croatia. Participants aged 16-28, along with the leader, had opportunities through informal learning and different methods of learning learn about human rights. Methods such as workshops, group work, work in pair, discussion, and human rights-related meetings helped young people to actively engage in raising awareness of human rights and organize activities that would be of interest to other young people in their community to become active human rights fighters at the local, regional, and European level. By sharing their experiences and achievements on the main activity, participants contributed to promoting human rights and building a better society.

The project aimed increasing awareness about the protection and respecting of human rights between young people and encouraging them to become part of their community and be active citizens that would spread gained skills to their friends and to others. During the activity, participants gained key competencies from YouthPass, based on the project topic. Because partners were from different parts of Europe, participants worked in multicultural environments.