“Changes of Eternal Exodus” Training Course Was Held in Benevento, Italy on 7-15 October 2017

"Changes of Eternal Exodus" Training Course Was Held in Benevento, Italy on 7-15 October 2017

Project Summary:

“Changes of eternal exodus” is an intercultural exchange that provides the participation of 30 young people, second-generation or immigrants, interested in migration topics, with a strong desire to participate and learn the project activities. The participants are between 20 to 25 years old. They represent 5 organizations from Spain, Macedonia, Italy, Croatia, and Turkey. Each national group consists of 6 people (1 leader and 5 participants) and there is also a cultural mediator for the special needs of participants and asylum seekers.

The exchange site is Benevento, a city of 60,000 people in Campania, chosen to host the project for 9 days from 7 October to 15 October 2017.

The proposal of the project is the intercultural exchange of good practices between young people and asylum seekers. It realizes intercultural activities and learning in order to reach a degree of integration and acceptance. The program starts from cooking and comes to the respect of the environment and cultural differences. There are also cross-physical activities with playing and music.

The project raises awareness of the local community on human rights and asylum seekers, also breaking the stereotypes about who can do so if accepted and integrated. There is a meeting in Benevento where a group of young Europeans could involve the population, showing what they learned during the intercultural exchange.

Common objectives:

The psycho-physical welfare with art, health, games, and intercultural workshops.
The promotion of pure values spread like respect for diversity, brotherhood, and common wellness.
The knowledge of the cultures involved in the exchange and how they contribute to the formation of culture and spirit European.
The self-determination of second-generation youth or immigrants.
To reproduce as a follow-up activity in partner countries all good practices in Italy.
Informing participants of other European possibilities such as the Erasmus+ program.
Practice use of young people’s learning.
Consolidate a network of organizations for immigrants or second-generation youth to spread their human rights.
To ensure that participants can learn effectively, Project adopts the Experiential Learning Methodology, also known as “Learning by Doing Methodology”. Theoretical discussion follows the activities so participants can spontaneously participate in activities and laboratories the same way that they used to be when children. In that circumstance, direct experience with the events resulted in first and profound learning. Unlike then, after activity through reflection, evaluation, and sharing experiential learning, Project also adds analysis and reading tools to events that will ensure learning maturation. Experiential learning also draws on the methodology of “Peer to peer learning” and the “Educator to peer” methodology.

Project Consortium

– Young Men’s Christian Association Parthenope (Coordinator)
– Asociación Dianova España
– Association Strives!
– Cet Platforma Skopje
– International Labour Association (ILA)