ILA holds workshops during International Week at HAN University

ILA holds workshops during International Week at HAN University

Nijmegen, Hollanda

 6-8 February 2018

HAN University of Applied Sciences held 6th International Week on 6-8 February 2018. The aim of the International Week was sharing experiences, practices and knowledge between students and lecturers in the international context of health and social work. This year’s general theme was “Challenge your Borders, Health and social work in international perspective”. Activities hosted over 1.900 students and more than 125 lecturers from 18 different countries. ILA participated international week and implemented 2 interactive workshops on “Challenges and Opportunities of Migration” at HAN campus in Netherlands.

During workshops, participants used non formal methods to:

  • Analyze the challenges and opportunities of migration
  • Define differences between the concept of immigration and emigration
  • Explore of factors that cause to people migrate
  • Analyze the impacts of migration within  destination and origin countries
  • Relations between xenophobic perception and integration issues
  • Describe social and economic conditions related to labour market
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