From Us to You International (FUYI) Kick-Off Meeting was held

From Us to You International (FUYI) Kick-Off Meeting was held

Budapest, Hungary

26 – 28 February 2019

From Us to You International (FUYI) Kick-Off Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary on 26 – 28 February 2019

From Us to You International project aims to facilitate the emergence of positive peer role models and to boost the self-esteem, the lobbying power and the equality of chances of the youth of Roma settlements and young migrants. Main project activities include the upscaled best practice and project-long training of 6 „young trainers” from the Roma settlements and migrant youth communities, who, having an „on-the-job-training”, will facilitate themselves a „voluntary training” for another 20 young Romas and migrants (planning and execution of socially beneficial voluntary projects involving another 150-200 persons). To tackle challenges related of targeted youth (discrimination, early school drop-off, unemployment), the alliance of 4 partners are engaged about influencing policy makers about social inclusion achieved by volunteering and competence development. Partnership are comitted actors of Roma settlement (field) work (Élményakadémia HU, People in Need SL, Outward Bound RO) or integrating young migrants into the society with decision makers (International Labour Association NL). To reach our objectives, the FUYI uses a methodology based on inlcusive, holistic and positive approach and the synergy of outdoor experiential education and solution focus coaching.To achieve our goals, we’ll develop a Collection of Easy to Learn and Use tool kit of the two methods, E-book and Local Adaptation Schemes of the best practice, Sustainability and Further Upscaling Strategy. During FUY activities 1 train the trainer course, 4 upscaled local youth projetcs, job shadowing, 1 seminar, increased negotiations with policy makers and 2 dissemination events will be held for FUY staff/volunteers and external stakeholders. We will directly reach 390 persons active in the field of social inclusion and policy making and we’ll contribute to increase competences to ease exclusion, thus, their integration opportunities, position in education and labour market will increase.

Project was coordinated by Elmenyakademia Kozhasznu Egyesulet in Budapest, Hungary in collaboration with:

  • Clovek V Ohrozeni, No (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Asociatia Societatea Pentru Tineret Outward Bound (Tirgu Mures, Romania)
  • International Labour Association (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
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