Águeda, Portugal

Águeda Volunteering Land

20 September 2018 – 31 July 2019

Águeda Volunteering Land

$1 per person

Duration of the Stage: 10 months (20th of September, 2018 – 31st of July, 2019, excluding travel days)
Host Organization: Psientifica


a. To promote diversity and interculturality; 
b. To empower volunteers with new competencies and learning based on NFL; 
c. To encourage the entrepreneurial, creative and proactive attitude of volunteers; 
d. To encourage the involvement of social and public institutions in social, cultural and educational practices and promote new initiatives; 
e. To promote European social values.


Description of Volunteering Activities (September, 2018 – July, 2019): 
a. Educational Project and Public Mediation: the volunteers will work to raise awareness and closeness of the social/cultural of the public through the artistic and cultural process. 
b. Águeda Living Lab: this activity has the objective of encouraging social participation, through the stimulation of learning and technological experimentation, with the intention of promoting quality of life, innovation and knowledge sharing. 
c. Águeda Amiga das Crianças Project: aimed at young people up to the age of 18, – the initiative takes four action lines: Survival and Health Rights; Rights of Protection and Identity; Development Rights and Participation Rights. Volunteers will work with children and young people.
d. Águeda – Férias em Movimento Project: for youth aged 6 to 14, volunteers will take part in the activities during school holidays. The purpose of the activities is to provide spaces for occupying leisure time, with educational, cultural, sporting and recreational activities. 
e. Inclusive School: in primary schools, the volunteers will participate in activities that are transversal to various fields of action – social inclusion, culture, citizenship, community, etc. 
f. Municipal Library: these activities are intended to stimulate access and interest in reading activities, to engage quality time, to sensitize young people to artistic practice and to create new forms of interaction. 
g. Cabeço do Vouga Archaeological Station (EACV): volunteers will undertake activities to recognize the historical heritage of Águeda.


Profile of Volunteer: 
a. Interested in the problem identified, motivated to meet the needs demonstrated by our youth and community, openness to achieve the proposed objectives and the results expected and available to participate in the dissemination and creation of impacts; 
b. Young people (20-30 years old) resident in the countries of each of the four sending organizations; 
c. Interested in contacting, participating and learning the Portuguese culture;
d. Motivated and open to establishing an intercultural dialogue in a peripheral and rural environment; 
e. Predisposed to develop competences to transform ideas into actions and to develop activities with young people; 
f. Interested in participating in the development of sessions with other young people of the region to reflect on the concepts and experiences of culture, tolerance and interculturality in Europe; 
g. Registered in the European Solidarity Corps (if not, please, make sure you will do it in the meantime).


a. Travel: Travel expenses are met up to 275€. In case both flights – round trip – cost more than the budget allocated by Portuguese National Agency, the volunteer is responsible for paying the extra money. 
b. Pocket Money: 4€/day 
c. Food Allowance: 160€/month


Volunteers will be accommodated in an apartment, in single rooms. In case the host organization is not able to find T4 in Águeda city centre, they will be accommodated in twin rooms, by gender.

10 months
18-30+ Age
  • Venue
    Águeda, Portugal
  • Arrival Time
    20 September 2018
  • Departure Time
    31st of July, 2019
  • Project Code
  • Included
  • Not Included
    Personal Expenses
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