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Big thanks to ILA for giving me the opportunity to join youth exchange program fully funded by Erasmus. ILA has also become a bridge to realize my dream of being able to follow the very prestigious program in Europe, Erasmus. This is the incredible experience that I will never forget in my life. I am very happy to be a part of ILA. Thanks ILA.

Aeni NAHDIYATIVolunteer

ILA is a platform that allows youths to enhance their capacity and gain experiences on their soft and hard skills through various opportunities and social engagements. Through ILA, youths are empowered and encouraged to lead and to maximize their potential for the future sustainable development. I’m grateful and proud to be a part of the previous projects and this great organization.

Soramee NHOV
Soramee NHOVVolunteer

My experience in the project was one of the most beautiful memories I have.  I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Exchange program through Erasmus+. Thanks to ILA, I participated a 10 days long Youth Exchange and was part of 30 youth from 6 different countries in Europe. I have met, shared ideas, concerns and solutions with them about various Human Right issues that affect our world. The project helped me to enrich my knowledge and learnt new things about human Rights.

Mohamud Muhumed OSMAN
Mohamud Muhumed OSMANVolunteer

ILA provides an opportunity for young people to come together and learn about important issues that affect the society today. They provide a networking platform where you forge lasting relationships and Friendships with people from different countries. My experience in the project provided just that. Thanks to ILA I increased my knowledge and also learnt about how other countries are doing in this area.

Stephan CHANDA
Stephan CHANDAVolunteer

ILA brings motivated youths from different parts of the world together to train them and give them the skills needed to build better societies and a better world. Thanks to ILA, I got the chance to realise my potential as a youth through its step by step guidance and numerous programs.

Elie Christian AZEUFACK
Elie Christian AZEUFACKVolunteer

ILA gave me the platform to meet different people from different backgrounds which I benefited from immense and valuable experience. A youth exchange which I participated was one that gatherings which ILA organized. I thank ILA for giving me the chance take a step which contributed to my self-fulfilment.

Abdikani HASAN ISMAILVolunteer

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